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HANSUN Service Introduction

Han Yale Ind. Co., Ltd. is a window regulator aftermarket supplier from Taiwan. We supply left and right window regulators since 1990 and our products are applied to cars like BMW, Audi, SAAB, Chrysler, etc. With both advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Han Yale Ind. Co., Ltd. always makes sure to meet each customer's demand.

Window Regulator Manufacturer, HANSUN, Recognized with Workplace Conditions Assessment Award

2018/01/26 HANSUN
HANSUN Window Regulator
HANSUN Window Regulator

ONTARIO, Calif., Jan. 26th, 2018 – HANSUN, a leading manufacturer of window regulators, announced today it has been recognized with the Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) Award. HASNSUN’s dedication and commitment to workplace conditions like labor, wages and hours, health and safety, management systems, and environment, helps to enhance transparency for assessing continuous improvement and serve customers better.

The Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) program provides a robust, cost-effective solution for companies and facilities seeking to improve workplace conditions efficiently and by widely accepted industry standards and best practices. Intertek’s expertise is social compliance. As a result, WCA has evolved as a platform for measuring supplier workplace conditions.

Intertek is a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide. Their resources of laboratories and offices and over 42,000 people in more than 100 countries, delivers innovative and bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification solutions for customers’ operations and supply chains. Intertek Total Quality Assurance expertise, gave consistently with precision, pace, and passion, enabling customers to power ahead safely.

Kent Liao, HANSUN CEO, commented, “Effective measurement of workplace conditions is a priority for our company. Accurate reporting is essential to be able to share with the customers we serve and allows us to track our progress against our competitors and national standards.”

HANSUN, a Taiwan-based manufacturer, dedicated to producing first-class window regulators, with over twenty-eight years of design and manufacturing experience carries over 2,000 SKUs of window regulators which cover millions of automobiles throughout the world. The product depth makes HANSUN the leading supplier of window regulators. With headquarters and a distribution center located in Changhua, Taiwan, and Ontario, California, HANSUN services more than 100 customers globally in 30 countries. For a complete listing of products, please visit or headquarters website at www.hanyale.com or their distribution center at www.supexauto.com.

Advancing productivity and improving the engineering process provides a competitive advantage in the automotive aftermarket industry for HANSUN. The company implements progressive technologies and regulates its manufacturing process to automate factory processes, increasing production efficiency and product quality. Every link in the manufacturing process, including product design and development, packing and transportation is inspected throughout development.


An ISO/TS16949 certified Taiwan manufacturer of Window Regulators, HANSUN is a leading supplier of Window Regulators to the Automotive Aftermarket. With more than 28 years of professional experience in design and manufacturing, HANSUN provides quality window regulators to customers all over the world.

HANSUN Contact:
Sales Manager - Vincent Liao
+886-4-781-1689 Ext. 1201